This holiday season, enjoy the 13 weeks of CHRISTOWEEN, an audible series of Halloween flavored Christmas stories for the monster in all of us!

The glaring absence of monster-themed Christmas items motivated prolific voice actor Wally Wingert (Batman: Arkham Asylum, Wasteland 3) to “creep-ate” a new property called CHRISTOWEEN! While initially beginning as a line of classic monster Christmas stockings, (rebranded soon after as “Stalkings”™) an author friend encouraged him to write origin stories about how each of the Stalkings™ were created.  Then a Stalking™   and companion story book would be made available as a set to adult monster kids who enjoy the nostalgic thrill of Christmas stories told in a “Seussian” storytelling style. 

Donnie Druthers’ Christoween Capers” is a 13 short-story series that follows the adventures of an odd, gothic boy who creates the Christoween observance out of his equal love of Halloween and Christmas.  Each story involves a new monster friend, and is imbued with a warm, spirited glow that is inherent in classic Christmas stories.

As the search continues for strategic partners for the property (publishers/toy manufacturers/animation studios) Wally decided to narrate the 13 stories in the series, have them all professionally sound designed by a well-known audiobook studio in Los Angeles, and release them.  From October 2nd to Christmas Day you can enjoy The 13 Weeks of Christoween, where one audible is released each Saturday afternoon for FREE on Wally hopes to forge an emotional connection between the monster-loving public and these unique stories as we move closer to the holidays. They’re his Christoween gift to you!

Wally says, “Nothing would please me more than to know that an adult monster kid is sharing these stories with their various offspring, curled up by the fireplace during a cold, crisp Christoween night.”

Wally Wingert bio:

Prolific Voice Actor Wally Wingert has been a classic monster fan since he was a kid.  It wasn’t uncommon to see young Wally running around his South Dakota neighborhood dressed as several of his favorite monster characters, (Frankenstein, Barnabas Collins, Dracula, etc.) in Silly Putty prosthetics, much to the puzzlement of his humble, midwestern neighbors.  Years later he was honored to play Freddy Krueger in two national TV commercials, and Beetlejuice at Universal Studios Hollywood for four years. 

His multitude of voice characterizations have appeared in movies, TV shows and video games.  In addition to voicing iconic characters like The Riddler, Jon Arbuckle, Ant Man, Reed Richards and The Green Lantern, he was the announcer on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” for four years.

Wally resides in Los Angles with his 1974 Gran Torino, his cat Spooky, and his collie Roxy, who’s a 10th generation descendant from the Lassie TV and movie bloodline.