Interview with Anna Harr on Bethany

In Bethany, now available on VOD, a young woman and her husband move into her childhood home, and traumatic memories of her abusive mother come back to haunt her. When her husband begins to work longer hours, a mysterious figure begins haunting Claire’s memories. During the encounters, she finds herself living in the past as well as the present while trying to figure out what the figure wants from her. Young newcomer Anna Harr near single-handedly steals the film, playing both the title character and young Claire.

Hi Anna. Great work in the film. Was it as scary to work on as it was to watch?

There were a couple creepy moments on set. Most of time though I was too busy to be scared, also you’re usually never alone on set, there are so many people around you, with all the crew you feel pretty secure.. I did frighten a few people on set while in Bethany character though. I’d kind of just stand there without them knowing I was behind them or something , they’d turn around and get a jump scare.

Okay, what about the make-up and effects? A little weird seeing everyone dressed like that?

I’ve done pretty heavy makeup before, like full body makeup with some prosthetics, so this was pretty easy in comparison. While I was playing young Claire it was just regular makeup, and the Bethany makeup usually took about an 45 minutes to an hour and a half or so to do, depending on what stage of Bethany it was for the scene

Could you relate to your character?

I understood both characters I played in the film , but I live a very different life than either Young Claire or Bethany. So I’m not sure relate is the right word. They were both very different characters from each other, but I understood where they were coming from, and why they were behaving like they did.

How was it working with James Cullen Bressack?

James is a great director! He’s always awesome to work with. His sets are a lot of fun, and very relaxed. Even though this was a super tight shoot schedule. He makes everyone feel very comfortable. I’d work again with James anytime.

And Shannen Doherty? Was she lovely?

I love Shannen!!! This was our second project together. She has always been so supportive, and very kind to me. We worked very closely together on this set, playing Mother daughter. Some of the scenes were very intense, and it really helped to have such a great actress like Shannen to play off of, and to be comfortable enough with each other that we could get through the difficult scenes. We kept in touch after filming. She’s someone I definitely look up to.

Did you go to the movies premiere? Was that your first premiere?

I did go to the premiere. It was a fun night, and it was nice to see all the work come together on the big screen. No it wasn’t my first premiere.

What’s next for you, Anna?

I have a young adult Sci-fi feature coming out later this summer called Stasis. I play two characters in this film as well, but this time it’s the two lead characters. I’m also getting ready to film another sci-fi feature in about a month, where I get to play the lead again.

BETHANY is now available on VOD.