Indie Feature: Sweet Taste of Souls (2020)

Plot: When four struggling indie band members stop at a lonely roadside café for an innocent slice of pie, they find themselves trapped in the deranged café owner’s tantalizing art collection and must battle a sinister force with an appetite for souls.

It’s a rare occasion when I finish watching a film and I am at a total loss for words as to what I thought of it. Sweet Taste of Souls is one of those movies as it’s an odd tale but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it.

The whole idea of people being trapped inside pictures for all eternity is quietly nightmarish and although this isn’t a scary movie the whole concept will make even those who are not claustrophobic gasp for air. Honey Lauren is wonderfully deranged as the crazed Ellinore who manages to be unhinged and yet pathetic at the same time.

You never really care about the four musicians who are generally obnoxious but Nate (John Salandria) is one good hearted soul who has a troubled relationship with his brother who considers him a coward after a childhood tragedy.

Some of the acting isn’t the greatest but I’ve seen plenty worse and Honey Lauren steals the show as Ellinore; the scene with her abusive husband Patrick is a tough watch so you understand where her rage comes from. After watching the film you may be put off cherry pie for quite some time…

Overall, Sweet Taste of Souls may not have much in the way of budget but it’s a fun slice of horror that is unpredictable and fresh.