Bloody Moon (1981) Private Records LP Soundtrack Review



Awesomely varied music ranging from disco to rock then on to horror.

Review: Jess Franco’s sexy giallo slasher Bloody Moon doesn’t rate much higher than a ground swell splash in the annals of Italian horror flicks, but thanks to the good people at Private Records in Berlin, the soundtrack to that film has been resurrected in a sprawling three-LP record set that covers every single track (and then some, I’m sure) from the score in a grand total of 85 tracks over 6 sides! Private Records has pulled out all the stops with this recent release with a care and love that is rare to find for LP soundtrack records these days.

The score to Bloody Moon, composed by Gerhard Heinz (and orchestrated by Michel Dupont) alternates between orchestral goodness befitting for a sexy slasher and downright groovy disco tracks, and when the music jets up to bouncy rock tunes, it then cools down for some creepy sound effects culled from the movie itself. Heinz is an underrated composer whose wheelhouse of compositions extended to softcore films such as Escape to Paradise (which was just given an LP soundtrack release, thanks to Private Records) and to over a hundred other credits, and this has to be his penultimate set of compositions.

The three-LP record set comes in a beautiful triptych collection that opens up and can be proudly displayed, and this set – which is limited in quantities – is already fetching hefty price tags in the secondary markets. Grab one while it’s still relatively affordable and keep your eyes on Private Records for their latest releases. 300 copies on red vinyl were produced, and only 100 on black vinyl were produced.

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