10 Questions with Bus Party to Hell Star Richard Hochman


  1. Where’s home for you, sir?
    I was born in Los Angeles, currently live in Los Angeles, and will likely always be in Los Angeles.
  2. How similar to your character in this movie are you?
    Alan Armstrong is an arrogant, entitled douchebag but he’s also got a sense of humor which is very sarcastic. I have a pretty dry sense of humor and I definitely injected that into my portrayal of Alan.
  3. When did you first start acting?
    I started performing in a church charity group as a child, and acted in community theater as a teen. That was when I really fell in love with the craft.
  4. Was there a movie or filmmaker that help drive you towards this career?
    So many, and different filmmakers and actors at different stages of my life. As a kid I just couldn’t get enough of Spielberg films, from ET to Jurassic Park and Jaws, it really made me want to be an actor in those types of movies.

  5. What about as an adult?
    When I became an adult, I became obsessed with Scorcece films about the time he teamed up with Leonardo DiCaprio. The depth of characters and storytelling really changed how I viewed film from then on.
  6. Where did you cut your teeth – on stage? School plays? Short films?
    I did a lot of community theater, and figured a lot out in student films. I probably acted in 10+ student films, from terrible ones to incredibly professionally made films.

  7. Is there a role that you might consider your big break – one that’s opened the door for other opportunities?
    I’d be hopeful Bus Party To Hell is my big break and will lead the way to other opportunities.
  8. How did you hear about this one? Auditions?
    My childhood friend, and fellow actor growing up, and also co-star in the movie, Michael Forsch, was the casting director for the film. He gave me the chance to audition, and the producers and director liked my read to book me on the job.
  9. What have you got coming up?
    Shortly after Bus Party To Hell, I produced and starred in a dramatic short, “Brother”, based around a man coping with the loss of his wife and child, while protecting the life of his twin brother, who I also play.
  10. When will that be out?

That will be hitting the festival circuit in the spring leading into the summer.


BUS PARTY TO HELL opens 4/13