Trista Robinson Interview

Actress Trista Robinson believes her love of horror stems from sitting down and watching genre classics with her dad, as she explains to us in this exclusive interview.


Trista, audiences likely remember you best from your roles in such films as “Purgatory Road” and “The Human Race” – but in “Echoes of Fear” you are the lead. It’s all on your shoulders. Did you feel that going into the project?

No! Fortunately. I give my all to every character I develop. Those roles felt just as urgent and close to me.


And what do you believe the Avenet-Bradley’s were looking for in Alisa, that they found in you?

I think they wanted someone who would be able to commit to the character and react organically, even when they were onscreen alone. Someone who could execute the arc believably.  Also, maybe someone who is a bit of an atypical leading lady.


Are you similar to the character?

I think we are both subtle and maybe underestimated. But she is way braver than I am!


Between the emotionally-gruelling stuff you’ve done in all these movies,  I’m guessing you’re a pro when it comes to relaxation techniques?

Hahahaha! No.


But do you find it hard to switch off at the end of a day?

It can be cathartic. I probably feel exhausted more than anything else. But in a good way. If I do it right.


Is it any easier when working on something lighter, like a drama or comedy like “Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine”?

Horror is so close to my heart. But, yes, I enjoy working on all different kinds of projects and some days are a lot easier than others. Some days you leave your heart on the floor and break your body and others you show up and do a fun commercial gig and get paid. I think I am always learning though.


Is horror a genre you tend to gravitate towards these days? Why do you think that is?

Yes. Horror is such a huge part of my life. I grew up watching horror with my Dad. Most of my friends work in horror. I love it.


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