Luca (2021) Review



Disney and Pixar’s latest installment “Luca” is a visual stunner at best – though it lacks in story and surprises, it certainly makes up for in its animation and setting.

Plot: For young sea monster Luca, life under the sea can get a little boring; when curiosity for the world above brings him to the shores of a beautiful seaside town on the Italian Riviera, there is nothing that can stop him – especially when the world is literally at his feet.

Review: Right off the bat, “Luca” makes a grand statement with its beautiful animation – from the vibrant underwater visuals, the vividly warm Italian landscape, and the colorful characters, Disney and Pixar’s latest film practically flaunts its visual brilliance on screen. 

While the film was picturesque, the story itself was just short of inspiring. The movie follows Luca (voiced by Jacob Tremblay) as he navigates his first steps on land – a forbidden human world full of mystery and, as his mother puts it, everything that can harm you. Though the film certainly had heart, it was a rather straightforward coming-of-age story, with no real surprises. 

I really enjoyed the concept of sea monsters in this world, even wished we got to explore this backstory a bit more in the movie. The sea monster aspect felt a bit under-developed as a viewer, despite most of the movie taking place on land.

Although the plot was underwhelming, the setting and dialogue definitely made up for it. Bright, strong, and funny, director Enrico Casarosa paints such a warm and vibrant world for viewers, inviting us to experience a summer in Portorosso.

Overall, “Luca” is a visually stunning exploration on adolescence and budding friendships – very much reminiscent of our youthful summer adventures. 

Disney and Pixar’s “Luca” premieres Friday, June 18th on Disney+.