e-DEMON helmer Jeremy Wechter wants to set the record straight : He wrote his webcam horror flick way before the similar-themed Unfriended came out. “e-DEMON has a larger scope than Unfriended, that includes a much larger cast, more locations, plus bike rides, car rides, car crashes, and simple fight sequences”, the up-and-coming filmmaker says in this exclusive interview.


In a few words, what’s the film about?

e-DEMON is about a group of friends hanging out on a video chat drinking and reminiscing.  When the Salem friend accidentally releases this clever demon during a prank-gone-wrong, the night takes a dangerous turn. The manipulative e-DEMON is on a mission to bring the Devil to Earth and discovers it can use technology to speed up the possession process. Since this ruthless demon can possess multiple people at once, knowing who to trust is the key to survival.


And how does it relate to today’s world?  

In the news and social media, we are often hearing stories about mysterious evil forces using technology to divide us and manipulate our fear.  This challenging dynamic is the core of e-DEMON.


Is technology something to fear?

In both e-DEMON and in life, technology is a powerful tool which can be used by those who want to help, but it can also be wielded by those who want to hurt.


I imagine the movie educates on that, as well as it does entertain?

My primary concern is entertaining the audience.  And in previous e-DEMON screenings, the audience is always engaged for the entire rollercoaster ride from the humorous moments to the quiet dread of suspense to the visceral shock as the e-DEMON possesses more and more people.


Always been a fan of the genre?

I do my best to be open to all genres, but making e-DEMON helped me appreciate grounded horror/thrillers more than even before.  Movies including A Quiet Place, It Follows, The Babadook, Get Out, and more have contributed to a really interesting  dynamic for moviegoers.


How important are reviews to you?

It’s always great to read good reviews and thankfully e-DEMON has received some glowing reviews so far.  However, the most important thing to me is that audiences connect with the movie and enjoy the creepy, experience of watching e-DEMON.


Do you find it easy to watch your work back?

As a filmmaker, in order to go through the post-production process, I’ve seen this movie over a hundred times.  So you get used to it.


Have doors opened for you as a result of the flick?

We will see.  It opens in theaters and digital streaming platforms like iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play on Sept. 14, 2018.


Would you compare the storyline to anything we’ve seen in earlier films? Anything you can say is an intentional homage?

There are no intentional homages in this movie.

For the record, I wrote the script prior to Unfriended coming out.  e-DEMON is very different from Unfriended. Our complex antagonist is rooted in history and has an agenda for the future. In addition, e-DEMON has a larger scope than Unfriended, that includes a much larger cast, more locations, plus bike rides, car rides, car crashes, and simple fight sequences.

And the demonic aspects are relatively unique as well. The fascinating and defining feature of the e-DEMON is it’s ability to possess multiple people at once, up into the thousands.

This manipulative demon has the amazing ability to utilize the memories, skills, emotions and physical abilities of the host body. This is the key to the e-DEMON’s manipulative nature.  By not “seeming possessed” to those around, it can remain unnoticed to do it’s bidding or it can strike at any moment.  When this ruthless demon was released into our era the night of The Quad Murders, it discovered it could use technology to speed up it’s possession process.

While e-DEMON centers on an intimate group of friends, there’s a sense at the end of the movie that this is just the beginning of the problem as it spreads to manipulate and divide larger segments of society.


Insert the blank. If you loved….. you’ll love my movie.

I’ll give you a quote from the Horrorpedia movie reviewer: “If you enjoyed Unfriended, then you will love e-DEMON!”


Where does this one rank in terms of your favorite projects? And do you have a top favorite?

 I would say e-DEMON is my favorite project.  But I probably say that about every movie I’m directing at the moment.


Is this a genre you’d like to do more in?

Absolutely.  I’m open to most genres, but horror/ thrillers allow one to explore the deepest fears that humanity faces in a fun way, so it can be cathartic and entertaining.

UNFRIENDED hits LA theaters September 14 and New York theaters September 21

It will also be available on VOD September 14