Is Legend the Best Movie Make-up Ever?

Ridley Scott’s Legend is a bit of a classic in my book; as you’d imagine it is visually stunning but the effects were all done practically which is why it still looks so great today. Tim Curry stole the movie as Darkness and personally I think it’s the best piece of make-up I’ve ever seen and even surpasses Curry’s turn as Pennywise in the original IT.

When you can’t even recognize the actor in any way in a performance then it just demonstrates A) what a good actor Curry is and B) how amazing the make up is; it genuinely transports you to this other magical world and for me is the template for how make-up effects should be done.

Normally when an actor is in prosthetics they have trouble showing facial expressions but Darkness has one of the most expressive faces of any villain I’ve ever seen.

With so many movies using unconvincing CG villains these days it’s nice to remember stunning make-up like this.

So am I high or is Tim Curry’s Darkness the best movie make-up of all-time?