Hell & Science Combine in Anti Matter – on Tubi Now!

Keir Burrow’s critically acclaimed sci-fi masterpiece “Anti Matter” screens exclusively on Tubi (TubiTV.com) – all month long – from August 1.

Experience “art-house psychological horror at its finest” (MovieCrypt.com) in a “stylish and intriguing” (Shadows on the Wall) mind-bender ONLY on Tubi.

Ana, an Oxford PhD student finds herself unable to build new memories following an experiment to generate and travel through a wormhole. The story follows her increasingly desperate efforts to understand what happened, and to find out who – or what – is behind the rising horror in her life.

Featuring a cast “anchored by a strong performance from Yaiza Figueroa” (Eye for Film), “Anti Matter” is a “taut thriller that should appeal to both hard sci-fi fans and those who don’t know their wormholes from their warp drives” (One Room With a View).

“Anti Matter”, from Uncork’d Entertainment, premieres free to watch on Tubi August 1.

Link to view : https://tubitv.com/movies/451704/anti_matter