Firenze! L’Assassino E’Ancora Tra Noi (1986) Private Records Soundtrack Review



A unique score and essential for fans of giallos.

Review: Firenze! L’assassino E Ancora Tra Noi (a.k.a. The Killer Has Returned) is one of the last notable Italian Giallo / Slasher Horror movies released in the mid 1980’s. Starring Mariangela D’Abbraccio as a young, Florentine woman writing her thesis in criminology, who comes to a conclusion that her new boyfriend is a serial killer.

Composer Detto Mariano (Bloody Moon) composed the score, and while it doesn’t sound so much like the giallo output from composers like Cladio Simonetti, it has its own unique sound with rock motifs, and ambient thrill scare crescendos.

The score has gone unreleased since the film first had its theatrical run in 1986, but Private Records in Germany just unleashed an epic two LP set (with 35 tracks total) that showcases Mariano’s music for this film containing the entire score, all experimental electronics, background score and ambient meets jazz, pop, and space disco soundscapes. This is a collector’s item already, as it’s limited to 250 copies on black and blue vinyl with a bonus poster insert. The music for this soundtrack is highly unique and essential for film score lovers and especially for fans of giallos and composer Mariano. Private Records continues to be one of the best distributors of retro vinyl European soundtracks, and this release is proof.

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