ATOMIC EDEN: A brand-new badass action-packed trailer has just arrived

ATOMIC EDEN Trailer #2 global VOD release:

The past month ATOMIC EDEN has taken the world by storm. The Carpenteresque actioner was released widely on all major platforms in the UNITED STATES followed by its VOD releases in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, UK and IRELAND. But that is not the end for ATOMIC EDEN’s global releases so far. On May 14th the film will be released nationwide in stores on DVD in GERMANY, AUSTRIA, LIECHTENSTEIN and SWITZERLAND. 
Starring American screen legend Fred “The Hammer” Williamson (“From Dusk till Dawn”, VFW), German martial arts sensation Mike Möller (“Arena of the Streetfighter,” “Ultimate Justice”) and Lorenzo Lamas (TV’s “Renegade”)  shooting star Everett Ray Aponte (“The Hitman Agency”) Japanese Top Model Hazuki Kato (HBO’s “Grisse”, “In Full Bloom” “Falcon Rising”), Atomic Eden recalls the crackling pulp action of  The Expendables, Assault on Precinct 13, The Raid and VFW. 
Stoker – “The Leader” (Fred Williamson) is a mercenary with a mission. In order for him to complete this mission, he will have to assemble a team of not only the best in the business; he needs people he can trust. He calls in a few favors and assembles the toughest, most badass group of mercenaries loyalty can buy. With David – “The Fighter” (Mike Möller), Reiko – “The Samurai” (Hazuki Kato), Darwin – “The Texan” (Everett Ray Aponte), Heinrich – “The Priest” (Wolfgang Riehm), John – “The Sniper” (Nico Sentner), Brenner – “The Blade” (Dominik Stark) and Laurie – “The Rookie” (Josephine Hies) by his side, the mission should be a breeze. It quickly turns into an un-winnable battle with eight people battling against eight hundred, all vying for control of a doomsday device lost during World War II. With the odds stacked against them, they’re ready to risk life and limb to save millions of lives. 
ATOMIC EDEN can be purchased on DVD for international shipping from Amazon Germany:
ATOMIC EDEN will be also available in stores everywhere in GERMANY, AUSTRIA, LIECHTENSTEIN and SWITZERLAND on May 14th, 2021
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