The Incredibles 2 (2018) Review



The Incredibles 2 has been worth the wait and arguably even surpasses the original in many ways. See it with the family again and again.

Plot: Elastigirl springs into action to save the day, while Mr. Incredible faces his greatest challenge yet — taking care of the problems of his three children.

Review: For the past 14 years, I, like many others, have been waiting patiently for an Incredibles sequel. Finally, the day is here; The Incredibles 2 is now in theatres!

I need to say this right off the bat – this movie is insanely good. It delivers on so many different levels. From the action, the comedy, the animation, and so on and so forth, this movie is (literally) incredible!

I have issues with sequels; most don’t deliver compared to the original film, however, this movie really does, and in some ways, it’s better than the original.

We catch up with the Parr family mere seconds after the first film ends, and from here, the action hits you right away. Speaking of the action, it’s is amped up from the original, and makes the stakes a lot of higher for our heroes. The action scenes are probably on par with some of the most dynamic sequences in some of the best live-action superhero movies in recent history, which is impressive for an animated movie.

There are so many great components to this movie, but the real shining moments are when Jack Jack is on screen. The scene with the raccoon is probably one of my favorite moments of this film that had me laughing from start to end.

The Incredibles 2 in ways draws parallels to the first film. The original had Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) going out to be the hero, but this film shifts its focus to Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), who is recruited to help bring “supers” back into the public. I really enjoyed the shift in focus as it provided some great action moments, but also some great comedy.

The only negative I have with this movie is the villain who was far too predictable. If you’re going to have a mystery villain, try conceal them a bit better – I knew from the first second they appeared on screen they were the villain.

At the core to The Incredibles 2 is heart. There are a lot of touching moments that warm your heart and make you appreciate your family. Even though this is an animated movie, there are very human moments that just make you really appreciate some of the sacrifices your family has done to help you succeed.

Overall, the Incredibles 2 is the sequel you’ve been demanding. It’s a must see film for the whole family! I will sit here patiently waiting another 14 years for The Incredibles 3.