Project Wolf Hunting (2022) Well Go USA Blu-ray Review



It’s like if Universal Solider married The Raid in a slaughterhouse and had a Terminator baby in Korea.


A huge ship carrying a bunch of condemned prisoners becomes a free-for-all bloodbath for everyone on board when the prisoners break free and fight back, but what’s worse is when a deadly super soldier on board also breaks free.



A cargo ship headed to Korea becomes a temporary travelling prison when a squad of hardened police guards must escort a whole bunch of seasoned and shackled criminals to Korea where they will be imprisoned. Along the way, the prisoners make a daring breakout and quickly turn the tables on the police in spectacular bloody fashion, showing the utmost merciless cruelty, laying waste to their captors, but also eliminating the ship’s crewmembers as well. Bloodshed is the only thing the prisoners care about, and with a dwindling supply of police to fight back, the cutthroat killers seem to have won the day, but there’s a big surprise for everyone: Underneath in the cargo hold is a lone disfigured super soldier left over from World War II who wakes up from his decades-long slumber and goes on a killing rampage the likes of which no one on earth has seen since Samson slew thousands with the jawbone of an ass.


A nonstop, if very overlong, display of carnage with arterial sprays, crushed skulls and bones, dismemberments, beheadings, graphic stabbings, bludgeoning, blasting, and splattering, Project Wolf Hunting lives up to its reputation of having an insane amount of wet slaughter. After awhile it become numbing to the senses and it was just a relief when it was over. There’s really no one to root for other than the cops, but when they all get killed, there’s just more bad guys and more crushing, slashing, and smashing to come. It’s not exactly my idea of a good time, but if you’re into extreme gore horror cross-pollinated with action flicks like The Raid, you might enjoy this. It’s gorier and more violent (but way dumber) than both of The Raid movies combined. It’s like if Universal Solider married The Raid in a slaughterhouse and had a Terminator baby in Korea. From writer / director Hongsun Kim.


Well Go USA’s Blu-ray and DVD comes with a behind the scene feature, “Making the Alpha,” the trailer, and an English language track.