GRAY PEOPLE available exclusively for free on PLEX TV

From United Blade Entertainment, and featuring Michelle Nuñez from TV’s Ruthless , Gray People is now streaming for free on PLEX TV.

Nick, facing mounting pressure from his mother to find a job and desperately trying to own a start up, enlists the help of his best friend Kyle, a privileged slacker, living his best life. Running out of time and options, the two are presented an opportunity which they can’t refuse.

Director Romello Blade serves up a story that’s one part satire, one part drama and romance, and all types of bizarre fun.

Isaiah Jimenez, Casey Starchak, Michelle Nuñez, Dennis Mallen, Jana Henry, Cherrelle Ariell, Madi Jarrard, Essex O’Brien, Luis Sanchez, Abi Bais, Lj Ugarte, Austin Janowsky, Susanna Matza, Cole Walsh, Rhonda Cusumano, Rajvi Goswami, Steven Hochman, Juliana Herrin, Adrian Tristan, Nico Hicks, and Don Larson star in a Romello Blade film, now streaming for free on PLEX.