In the spirit of The Karate Kid and rich history of movies like Bloodsport, Enter the Dragon and Mortal Kombat, WARRIOR ISLAND brings you the next generation of martial arts entertainment!
“Follow the Code – Change Humanity” is the war cry from the Tiki Kids – the Warrior Island version of the Cobra Kai teens. This amazing group of diverse world champion and national champion kids is the newest trend to come out of the Warrior Island Universe. The Tiki Code Kids join the cast of Warrior Island filming this August at a secret location on a mysterious island with the Grand Masters of martial arts.
Mini-series director Mike Felker says “With Cobra Kai winding down in its final TV season and the cast signing off, it’s time for WARRIOR ISLAND and the Tiki Kids to fill that spot with their fans watching over 1 billion minutes of streamed content worldwide.“
The WARRIOR ISLAND 3-part mini-series stars action star Silvio Simac (Transporter and John Wick) and David Kurzhal (YouTuber Viking Samurai and The Last Kumite) plus many others. Simac says, “I am very excited and thrilled that 11 years of dreams, patience, preparation, fails, and hard work is coming to realization. I look forward to working alongside so many talented people to create something unique, spectacular, and inspiring!” With newcomers Charles Heimlich playing Red Ninja Captain Archaic and Jamar Edmundson playing SOTO, the Captain of the Black Ninjas, the epic Ninja battles will leave fans speechless. Follow that up with the Cyclops character being played by British MMA giant Neil Goliath Grove, this TV mini-series will be highly promoted with the cast of over 100 stars this fall.


…but wait!
That’s just the good news…
The great news is the Major Motion Picture Treatment is complete and the screenplay by Hollywood action writers Sheldon Lettich and George Saunders will be completed this fall with A-list actors to read for the new action big-budget blockbuster. Major entertainment gurus such as Les Garland are looking to jump on board this ship! If you didn’t know, he was the co-founder of MTV and VH-1. Garland says, “Jefferson, is onto something that can be huge in so many ways. His impressive Warrior Island Universe, with it’s Tiki Code, can connect us in changing Humanity.  Three thumbs UP!”
WARRIOR ISLAND creator James Jefferson said, “We will sell you an entire seat for the show but you will only need the edge.”
The mini-series premiers this November at the AMC Empire Theater Broadway, New York City on the Big Screen and then it will be available on PPVFlix.com.
For more information, please visit WarriorIsland.com.