LUCKY LOUIE: Filmmakers Daniel Roebuck and daughter Grace Roebuck craft a faith-based mystery movie in the tradition of Agatha Christie

LUCKY LOUIE is the first film to be released by A CHANNEL OF PEACE, ( a non-profit dedicated to creating faith based and family-oriented entertainment. The movie was written and directed by Daniel Roebuck (Rob Zombie’s THE MUNSTERS, THE FUGITIVE) and his daughter, Grace Roebuck, a very rare situation in movie making.

The film is about a retired police officer, Wilbert Moser (prolific and acclaimed actor, Basil Hoffman in his final film) who is unable to solve a 50-year-old bank robbery. He eventually teams up with members of his Bible study, all of whom are ex-convicts (Roebuck, Willard Pugh, Duane Whitaker and Patrick Voss Davis) that he arrested and rehabilitated. Together, and with the help of a Forensic Psychology major, Alex D’Ambrosio (Madelyn Dundon, GETTING GRACE), the owner of the diner they frequent, Barney (Timothy E. Goodwin, PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN) and the Lehigh Valley community (Roebuck’s home area), they solve the decade’s old crime.


Roebuck and company have now made three faith-based family films. The first, GETTING GRACE was lensed in 2016. LUCKY LOUIE followed in 2020 and THE HAIL MARY in 2021.

Daniel recently commented about the state of Hollywood entertainment. “I grew up at the perfect time when programs like The Andy Griffith Show entertained us and taught us life lessons. Hollywood has no real interest in that anymore. Once I realized there was a hole, I decided to fill it.  Our Not for Profit is dedicated to entertaining audiences first and foremost. However, our characters will always face a dilemma that require faith to move forward.”

LUCKY LOUIE also represents a very unique moment in Roebuck’s four decades long successful Hollywood career in that it was the first time he collaborated with daughter Grace Roebuck to both write and direct a film. The pair has worked together as producers on a number of projects, along with wife, Tammy Roebuck but never before to helm the project. In fact, neither Roebuck (both lifelong film fans) could think of any previous feature film project in which a father and daughter worked together in both capacities.

Incidentally, star Basil Hoffman, who’d appeared in over 100 notable film and television series over his long and productive career, would sadly pass away shortly after the film’s completion. With credits such as ORDINARY PEOPLE, MY FAVORITE YEAR, THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN, and the Oscar-winning film THE ARTIST, Hoffman’s career would culminate in his first leading role in LUCKY LOUIE, which was his swan song.

Lucky Louie was released in select theaters in the US on April 28, 2023. The filmmakers are setting their sights on a fall release for their football film, THE HAIL MARY.