Jacob ‘Jake’ Byrd’s visually  stirring horror ADALYNN is now out on digital platforms and DVD from Summer Hill Films, LLC. Byrd’s debut, ADLYNN follows a mother fighting postpartum depression and slipping over the edge. It becomes hard to distinguish where depression ends, and her nightmares turn real, as she and her newborn are haunted by a stalker unlike any other. ‘Adalynn’ trades in a space between horror, fantasy, ghosts, demons, the Satanic occult and dreams. Jerrod D.Britto (13 Slays Till X-Mas, The Grass is Always Greener) wrote the pic.


Q – Where are you writing from, sir?

A – Hello Sir, Im located in San Diego CaliforniaQ – How long ago did you shoot the film?

A – We had 15 days of principal shooting and then we added 4 extra days for re-shoots.Q – What interested you about it?

A – There were a few things that interested me in this story.  I was fascinated by the subject matter and how dark it could progress to if left untreated. I was also drawn to the story because it fit perfectly into what we were trying to do…Keep the budget low and keep it to minimal actors and locations. Q – Did it take much to get financing?

A – Getting the film financed was hands down the hardest part of this process.  I don’t know any financiers to help so I had to look in other places to get financing and dip into my own money to pay for it.  Q – Being an independent film, I imagine you had to wear many hats on the film than originally intended?

A – We were an independent film but we didn’t have to wear many hats..we had enough people on the team to help minimize wearing many hats.Q – Are any of the characters based on you?

A- Actually No, none of the characters were based on me.  The main character had inspiration from a friend that went through postpartum depression. Q – Are you a fan of horror movies like this yourself?

A – I’m a horror fan of movies that are unique and told correctly.  Like they say Story is king.Q – Is there a favorite moment in the movie?

A – I like all the parts in the movie but one that I’m really proud of is the ending.  I love the ending.  Q – Who is the best working filmmaker today, in your opinion?

A – In my opinion the best working filmmaker today is David Fincher.  His stories and visual storytelling is amazing and second to none.