Indie Feature: Real Cool Time (2023) Short Film

Plot: A stubborn, unwelcome journalist’s late-night visit to the home of a haunted musician reveals dark secrets and whets deadly appetites.

Director Matthew Packman made an impression on me with his indie horror drama Morbid Colours a few years back so I am always intrigued when he has a new project out.

His latest horror drama is called Real Cool Time and is a short film with a runtime of 25 minutes. It packs a lot in and makes excellent use of its minimal cast and locations to create an atmosphere of impending dread.

The film has a grimy look which adds to the whole gritty feel making the viewer feel uncomfortable throughout. Alice Shen plays the annoying reporter Juliya well so we’re kind of waiting for something to happen to her with Lanae Hyneman well cast as the tortured Devin.

It manages to disturb without being overly graphic and just has a creepy vibe you can’t shake off.

Overall, Real Cool Time is filled with dread and a feeling of impending doom with two decent performances from our two leads making it a well-paced and disturbing 25 minutes.