Star Trek: Short Treks Seasons 1 & 2 Review



Non-essential entertainment which might be worth a diversion for people waiting inbetween episode airings if anything else.

Plot: A series of short films and story expansions from the CBS All-Access series Star Trek: Discovery.

Review: So based on one’s mileage of short films always varying, I’ll keep this “short.” Think of this as The Animatrix or Halo Legends for the Star Trek fanbase to consume. These shorts range from promising to virtually pointless with one often scratching your head but not in a mind-blowing way. I applaud CBS for trying out something different but the stories in each short themselves leave so much to be desired or just wondering why one should keep watching when they keep coming back with no entertaining impressions. The material is professionally shot and some of the stories might’ve worked as subplots but they overall are here for random time-killers but primarily make one want to do something else with said time.