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Vision Films is proud to present My First Miracle, a heartwarming family film sure to delight this holiday season. Now available on DVD and Video on Demand, Rudy Luna’s moving film reminds us that miracles are always possible if we have faith and believe, especially during the holidays. Starring Sean​ ​Patrick​ ​Flanery​ ​(The Boondock Saints), Jason​ ​London​ ​(Dazed and Confused), Quinton​ ​Aaron (The Blind Side), Valerie​ ​Cruz​ ​(Cellular), Matthew​ ​Rauch (The Wolf of Wall Street), Juan​ ​Castano​ ​(Shades of Blue) and Katya​ ​Martin​ (The Invisible Worm), My First Miracle
not only encourages one to have faith in the most hopeless of situations, but also the heartbreaking effects of cancer on both the patient and everyone close to them.

My First Miracle is now available on Digital for a SRP $4.99 – $9.99 Rent or Buy across all platforms and to Buy on DVD for $9.99. In this heartwarming inspirational film, a teenage girl
battling a rare kind of cancer hopes to find her first true love before it’s too late. Her parents are struggling due to money troubles and they must locate a rare multi-racial donor to treat her. Destiny brings her together with a runaway, and together they witness a miracle and a love deeper than she could have ever expected. Writer/director Rudy Luna was inspired to make My First Miracle after experiencing the tragedy of his own family member being diagnosed with cancer. He wanted to tell a story not just about the patient, but also about the way a family copes during the
crisis. “In this particular story, the young girl with cancer needs a bone marrow transplant and because she is bi-racial, her match is nearly impossible”,​ says Luna.​ ​“​I want people to understand how important it is, especially if you are bi-racial, to register as bone marrow donor. This could literally save someone’s life”.

“My First Miracle was a passion project for Kenny Lofton and I” says producer, Brenton  Earley. “We knew when we first read the script that this film would have the ability to change people’s lives by bringing awareness about Myelodysplastic Syndrome and bone
marrow registry”.

Lise Romanoff, Managing Director/ CEO of Vision Films says, “We are so proud to have the opportunity to release a film that can inspire and actually make a difference in
someone’s life. Viewer will surely be moved by Katya’s performance.”

My First Miracle is available now on DVD/VOD.

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