Trailer for The Dead And The Damned

Posted July 7, 2016 by Eoin Friel in Trailers

A Supernatural Action Thriller in the vein of The Bourne Identity meets The Exorcist. Tormented by nightmare hallucinations, an Afghan war veteran finds himself hunted by the law for the murders of his own men. He soon learns that his terrifying visions are more than just fantasy.

When Captain Merric ‘Merry’ Stockwell returns from Afghanistan he’s a broken man. One of only three survivors of a brutal engagement in the mountainous and forgotten Nangarhar province, he struggles to remember the tragic events of that fateful day, troubled by the inconsistencies in the official government account, and plagued by terrifying demonic visions of events he can’t be sure of.

Back in London, Merry’s life is falling apart. Riven with guilt over the deaths of his men and tormented by the ongoing hallucinations, he suddenly finds himself at the centre of a murder investigation when the surviving members of his unit begin to die gruesomely.

Determined to discover the truth behind Nangarhar, Merry finds himself implicated in the murders and on the run from the law, and must pit his skills as a soldier against shadowy government operatives who would rather see him dead than uncover the truth.

As Merry wades deeper into the mystery of his comrades murders, and the events behind the massacre at Nangarhar, he learns that his terrifying visions are more than just hallucinations, and that the horrors of war are as nothing compared to the malevolent evil that has followed him home.

The Dead And The Damned from Hadrian on Vimeo.

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