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Vision Films proudly presents ADDicted, the ground-breaking feature film that explores the addictive nature of ADD prescription drug, Adderall, and the abusive cycle that college students  experience as they attempt to use it to balance their lives. Written and directed by Dan Jenski and produced by Lightning in a Bottle Productions, ADDicted is a genuine, empathetic and dramatic wake up call.

Starring Kathleen Quinlan ​(Apollo 13, Event Horizon), Gil Bellows ​(The Shawshank Redemption, Criminal Minds), Luke Guldan ​(The Good Place, Law & Order), Lauren Sweetser (Winter’s Bone, NCIS: Los Angeles) and Taylor Black (Midnight, Texas, Lucifer), ADDicted brings to light the illicit and highly dangerous use of the prescription medication that two-third’s of college students have been offered at one time or another.

ADDicted will be available on October 3, 2017 on Digital for a SRP $4.99 – $9.99 Rent or Buy across all platforms and to Buy on DVD for $14.95.

Like most college kids, Drew’s life is chaotic. Demanding classes. Football. Finals. A bad break-up. An overbearing mother. But what helps keep him balanced is his Adderall, a prescription he’s been on since age 10 for ADD. But now he finds himself suspended from the football team for plagiarism. As his life starts to spiral out of control, he turns to his professor, but is it too late? What will it take for Drew to find peace with himself instead of a pill bottle? Writer/director Dan Jenski first envisioned his debut feature film when he was in college and saw first-hand how the drug became essential to students, as his friends would go to extreme measures to obtain it. After he discovered the dangers of Adderall, he wrote the screenplay for ADDicted to send a very important message.
“As you hear about people who have been affected and their stories, and you hear statistics about the people on it and the sales, you start to see that there is something going on here and feel really impassioned to speak about something deeper,” says Jenski. “I just feel that a lot of people need help balancing themselves, being healthy and making the right decisions. Not being so stressed. Adderall is a very intense drug that people become addicted to because it allows them to sustain a level that wouldn’t normally be sustained. I just want to help people help themselves with this”.
“This film really moved me”, says Vision Films Managing Director, Lise Romanoff. “Kids are under such pressure to perform these days. It’s such a tragedy that they feel they need pills instead of trusting in themselves. I hope that this film positively influences both students and parents alike.”

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