A deliberate yet trashy cheesefest that will definitely entertain genre lovers, cult film fanatics and fans of films that pay tribute to infamous types of films- all while being entirely successful and self-aware.

Plot: Priest Doug (Gregory James Cohen, Space Available) falls in love with hooker Carol (Alyssa Kempinski, The Hunt with John Walsh) while realizing that he is suddenly turning into a velociraptor dinosaur following a China visit. Will he defeat the Ninjas who have come here to hunt him down? Will he gain control of his powers?? Is he the new superhero that we all need right now??? Find out in this batshit insanity trip from director-writer Brendan Steere (Animosity).

Review: First, we had 2007’s Grindhouse but it was too busy trying to recreate the trashy nature instead of focusing on the actual entertainment or substance. We have trolling humor found in Adult Swim shows like Tim & Eric but they’re often requiring that the viewer be in a certain mood to totally appreciate the WTF-level humor they display. We had mockbusters like Sharknado film series but how is telling a bad joke various times even remotely funny? We had Deadpool and 21 Jump Street type film series break the fourth wall but even they admitted that they got rather lucky. And last of all, who cares about these Jurassic World sequels when they miss the point of the first dino classic that was Jurassic Park? After hearing podcaster Steve & Izzy on Everything I Learned from Movies interview filmmaker Steere on how he wanted to make a cheesy throwback movie while infusing it with an actual soul and seeing other podcasters and blogsite reviewers take on this film, I decided it was time to visit it myself. And I’m not being sarcastic when I say that it hits all the right notes.

The filmmaker himself even tried to entice the guys at RiffTrax to riff his movie but why when it basically wrote itself? The practical effects are actually believably performed, the ’70s type drive-in movie style and camera angles are competently delivered, the humor was spot on and very well realized, and the soundtrack and clever transition montages all were dynamite! If you want to be entertained by a whacky campfest that actually took the time to outline its whacky moments while taking the time to make sure it’s actually well-nurtured, seek this sucker out. Too often we’ve been ripped off by all these trashy films and they’re as much fun as hearing a talented comedian perform really lackluster level jokes but this one decided to pump it up to 100 and make sure that it made use of each scene, make it clear what its intent actually was and not even overstay its welcome. Much like the Kung Fury homage-filled shorts though, you shall want more and the filmmaker has promised that he’s working on a sequel so I can only hope that it pays off. Charles Band and Roger Corman definitely wish they were this freaking clever!