My 10 Favourite Live Action Batman Set-Pieces

Posted September 17, 2016 by Eoin Friel in Blogs

Happy Batman Day! For me every day is Batsy Day but I thought I would put together a short list of some of my favourite moments from the live action Batman movies. Now you may be thinking, surely you should have the opening scenes from The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises on this list? But I would respond with a “nay, good sir” because these are just scenes featuring Batman himself doing what he does best.

It’s no secret that Batsy is my total hero and I have a little shrine in my apartment… which isn’t creepy at all.

10. Batman comes for Deadshot from Suicide Squad

Although not exactly a massive action scene this was easily my favourite scene from an undeniably flawed movie. Seeing Batman and Deadshot on screen together in a live action flick for the first time was awesome though and Will Smith did a better job that I expected. (Sorry for the crap quality but it’s the best I could find)

9. The Dark Knight vs The Man of Steel from Batman V Superman

Although people have complained this fight was too short (mind you people have complained about everything) I still thought it was awesome and I love Batfleck’s armoured suit which is right out of The Dark Knight Returns.

8. Charge of the Batmobile from Batman V Superman

Needless to say I really like Batmobile scenes in the Batman movies; the best thing about this scene is the epic music; on the score it’s called “Do You Bleed?” and I listen to it pretty much every day.

7. Batman vs Bane from The Dark Knight Rises

This is arguably my favourite one on one fight from any of the Batman movies as our hero is clearly outmatched by his opponent after 8 years of feeling sorry for himself as a hermit. Bane not only defeats him physically but mentally as well. After the Bat is left broken Bane casually swaggers away and casts the Bat cowl aside as if it was nothing. His arrogance will of course be short-lived when Batman returns to Gotham and… Catwoman kills him… okay, moving on…

6. Batman Interrogates The Joker from The Dark Knight

This is such an awesome and important scene as the Joker has really pushed Batman’s buttons; he wants him to break his one rule and The Dark Knight comes pretty close when he finds out that The Joker has kidnapped Dent and Bruce Wayne’s true love Rachel. It was literally only on the last viewing of the film that I realized The Joker gave the addresses in the wrong order so Batman and the cops ended up going to opposite locations. I’m not all that bright…

5. The Batpod from The Dark Knight

After Harvey Dent has taken the fall and admitted he is Batman, the cops transport him to “prison”. The Joker and his goons come after him using a huge array of weapons in a massive truck and it looks like The White Knight may be in trouble… until the real hero shows up. When the Batmobile is destroyed, Batsy has a new trick up his sleeve.

4. “I Gotta Get Me One of Those” from Batman Begins

Batman Begins is my personal favourite Batman film; this scene is particularly awesome as it’s all done practically with little to no CGI. It also gives us a new theme tune for Batman which we sadly never heard of TDK or TDKR. When the Tumbler roars onto the screen with Batman shouting “I’ve brought mine!” I think we could all agree with Jim Gordon’s sentiments.

3. “Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?” from Batman

Vicky Vale is sitting in a museum waiting for Bruce Wayne despite the fact he didn’t make plans to see her that day. Instead it was a ruse by the Clown Prince of Crime to lure her there. It doesn’t take long for the Batman to show up and rescue her from a lunch featuring some acid.

2. “I’m Batman” from Batman Begins

No list would be complete without this iconic scene; I was wondering whether to have it from the 1989 Batman but this scene has more impact as it’s The Dark Knight’s first appearance after Bruce Wayne has been away getting trained by Ras Al Ghul.

1. Warehouse Fight from Batman V Superman

Whenever I first saw this my heart leapt as it’s the kind of action scene I’ve always wanted to see in a Batman movie. The unrated cut has even more arm snapping, head crushing goodness; where nerds have been whinging about Batman killing people I think it’s awesome and besides Batman isn’t real (like your girlfriend) so shut up.


Honourable Mention: “I’m not wearing Hockey pads” which has The Dark Knight taking on a bunch of goons as well as Bat impostors… and dogs. That was a tough day for him. Oh damn also “Swear to me!” was an epic moment from Begins. Man, there are some awesome Batman scenes out there…

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some but these are the main scenes that just jump out at me; you’ll notice there aren’t any scenes from Joel Schumacher’s movies but that’s because they were shite.

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