Is Suicide Squad Extended Cut A Better Movie?

Posted November 22, 2016 by Eoin Friel in Blogs

Even die hard DC fans like me can admit that Suicide Squad was a bit of a mess but it still went on to destroy the box office and become a success. I’ll admit I enjoyed it and after watching the Extended Edition I still thought it was fun but it’s still a missed opportunity.

This new cut has a couple of extra scenes with The Joker but the “I can’t wait to show you my toys” scene was still cut and a whole lot of footage I was hoping for is still lying on the cutting room floor somewhere. This really begs the question; why did they even bother with this so called “Extended Cut”?

The only worthy additions are two scenes featuring The Clown Prince of Crime; the first is the scene where he is torturing Harley and he gives a brief speech about how she had been messing with his mind.

The other moment was the scene below where Harley confronts Mr. J and he tries to explain to her that he is not someone that you love. It’s an important moment and gives us a better understanding of the character of Harley and her motivations.

Not sure why they cut that as it’s one of the best scenes but even then the part where he slaps her was still removed as Warner Bros. didn’t want to show their abusive relationship. Sigh, they really don’t understand the characters at all and not everything has to be watered down. The bloody animated series had the balls to do it!

I still enjoyed Jared Leto’s interpretation of The Joker as he wasn’t afraid to try something different and he is still very much The Joker but dammit all there still isn’t enough of him in this movie! The Enchantress remains crap and the movie is still incredibly disjointed. As I said in my review at the time of release, you don’t have The Joker in your movie and have him as a supporting character; he is the greatest villain of all time and this movie really doesn’t give him the respect he deserves.

You can check out all of the deleted/extended scenes below and judge for yourself if they were worth adding back in.

So yes, there are a few interesting moments and more Joker is always a plus but sadly Suicide Squad is still pretty disjointed so I have to say that no the extended cut isn’t worth your money unless you’re a DC fanboy like me… in which case you’re going to buy it no matter what anyone says.

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