Is Brian De Palma Done with Hollywood?

Posted June 3, 2016 by Eoin Friel in Blogs

Brian De Palma has directed many classic films including Dressed to Kill, Mission: Impossible, Carlito’s Way, The Untouchables, Blow Out and many more. In a recent interview with Indiewire the director discusses his disillusionment with Hollywood and how he might be be done with it.

I can’t imagine making a studio movie now. The whole system’s changed so much because of the effect of cable television and all the cable stations making their own series. They’re really into writers and producers, which is like the old studio system. The directors came in, directed, and were sent off. That’s what you’re getting with all these television projects.”

When asked about the failure of Mission to Mars he stated “That movie cost a $100 million. Where is this going? I just thought that was a tremendous amount of money to spend on a movie, and there are a tremendous amount of pressures caused by it. I mean, you’re basically fighting over how many special effects shots get done. Because the executive that started the movie left, and another guy took over, so I’m constantly dealing with a new administration that doesn’t like the movies of the past administration. At the end of “Mission to Mars,” I didn’t have the money to make the kind of shots you need in order to make them as spectacular as they should be.”

When asked about the value of modern blockbusters:

The first “Star Wars” was very original. When you remake it 73 times, it doesn’t get more original. I think you can work in this big canvas, but you have to come up with original ideas. We’re running into terrible clichés with these big action pictures. They’re pre-visualizing everything because the set pieces are so expensive. They send them over to an effects house and there’s some guy in a computer room pre-visualizing your action sequence. The universes are completely artificial. They’re basically inside the computer. We’re being very much affected by the years of gaming. This all came out of ILM, basically.

Nobody could do a movie like George Lucas because they couldn’t afford to do a movie like George Lucas. I think he sort of ran the gamut and wanted to do other things. But when I was making “Mission to Mars,” I realized how much each of these shots cost. And every question was about how whether we really needed that shot, which would cost $150,000. You constantly have to fight that battle.


Source: Indiewire

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