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Posted February 7, 2018 by Eoin Friel in News

Vision Films is proud to present their love letter to spaghetti Westerns with an empowering twist in a flame-haired heroine, Cassidy Red. This film defies the traditional rules of the western genre and according to The Hollywood Reporter, is “an alternate take on a male-driven genre. Matt Knudsen’s period Western features a female protagonist and plenty of talented women behind-the-scenes.”

Starring Abby Eiland​ (Daddy Knows Best, Criminal Minds), Jason Grasl ​(The Josh Moore Show, Hot in Cleveland), David Thomas Jenkins​ (Legendary, Girl Meets World), Rick Cramer (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Live Free or Die Hard) and Lola Kelly​ (The Fosters, The Grinder), Cassidy Red will be released at the perfect time as it is action-packed, thrilling and  proves that women can be just as heroic in the Wild West as men.

When Josephine Cassidy’s (Abby Eiland​) lover, Jakob (Jason Grasl​) is killed by her scornful ex-fiancé (David Thomas Jenkins​), the corrupt sheriff of her hometown, she returns, seeking  bloodthirsty retribution. Torn between love, hate, loyalty, and vengeance, “Cassidy Red’s” path to satisfaction widens out of her control.

Director Matt Knudsen​ says, “I wanted to acknowledge all of the iconic ingredients that made us fall in love with Westerns in the first place. But I conceived of the character Josephine Cassidy to represent the kind of progressive heroine that could help push the genre into a more interesting, contemporary place.” “I fell in love with Joe Cassidy when I first saw her on the page and I knew we had to make her real”, says producer, Brooks Yang. “ I  think of her transformation in the movie as a sort of 19th century superhero.” “Cassidy Red’s heroine is a breath of fresh air to the Western genre”, says Vision Films CEO, LiseRomanoff​. “The film has a great modern twist, with a distinctly traditional aesthetic!”

Cassidy Red is out now on iTunes and Amazon.

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