ALPHA: Catch The Official Trailer For Ryan Monolopolous’s Martial Arts Sci-Fi Short

Posted May 31, 2017 by Lee Golden in News

Sci-fi action is great. Always. Sci-fi action with a martial arts tweak, for me however, is something that will get me everytime, and no less factual with actor, stunt professional, writer and filmmaker Ryan Monolopolous for his latest shortfilm endeavor, Alpha.

Monolopolous is joined on camera by Jake Quinn and Josh Flaugher in a story centered on secret program in which three genetically modified subjects – Echo, Beta and Delta – are brutally pitted against one another to become the new Alpha. Hailing from Monolopolus productions in association with Foot Trail Films and On Camera Combatives, Alpha is one of three film projects from varying local filmmakers that will have their premiere on June 24 at the Plaza Theater in Atlanta, Georgia and you can learn more about it at the Eventbrite page where tickets are still available.

Thus, following last year’s quick action highlight reel for the short, we now have a fully-fledged official trailer running online. Actor David Sisson and actress Laurie Winkel also star with lensing by co-editor and producer Jeremy Cournyea and action sequences by Monolopolous and Guinn.

Check out the trailer above and if you’re in the local Atlanta area and up for some mingling and entertainment, click here and get your tickets today

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