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4/ 5

Release Date: December 2016


Darkly disturbing, it's a real page turner with memorable characters and an unpredictable story-line.


It's pretty messed up and won't be for everyone. Also, the lack of quotation marks when people are talking can make it a little confusing at times.

Darkest Night is a deeply disturbing tale but if you’re into horror with memorable characters and some screwed up situations then you’ll love it. I did.

by Eoin Friel
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Synopsis: The Mudd family lives on the edge of darkness. Convinced that there is a beast in the woods coming for them, and despised by the residents of a nearby small town who believe that they are religious zealots, the Mudds undertake extreme measures to keep the beast and the townsfolk from invading their land.

The Mudds harbor disturbing secrets, and they wonder if the beast actually lives in their hearts as much as in the shadows. When the police accuse them of kidnapping two girls, the darkness overwhelms them all, and the beast comes out to play!

Review: Darkest Night is a strange tale that is incredibly disturbing in parts and it sticks with you long after reading it. None of these are bad things though, but I will say that this is not for the squeamish as there is a lot of gory detail, perhaps a bit too much at times but I still really enjoyed it. Horror fans will lap it up and no doubt look forward to the impending film adaptation, which is coming later this year. It’s going to be interesting to see how they sell it to a mainstream audience however, as it is pretty messed up.

Author Michael Sean Erickson paints vivid (and dark) imagery and the creepy mood never lifts. The family’s paranoia keeps you in suspense and the sexual themes disturb and shock.

I found Zachary quite a pathetic character who really goes through Hell and you can’t help but feel pity for this poor soul who has become like this due to his (frankly bonkers) father Abram. Every character feels like a real person and the story really draws you in; you won’t be able to put it down as the suspense will keep you intrigued until the last page.

Darkest Night is that rare beast of a tale that is unique and doesn’t feel like anything I’ve read before. The story has twists and turns and doesn’t ever feel predictable.

The only thing which bothered me was how come there were no quotation marks/inverted commas when people were talking? I found that frustrating and this is the first time I’ve ever come across that in a book.

Overall, Darkest Night will be an acquired taste which is disturbing and shocking but never dull. If you’re looking for a horror tale with memorable characters and an unpredictable story then look no further. Bring on the movie.

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